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 It's not a race.... Just a bit of fun....

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It's not a race.... Just a bit of fun.... Empty
PostSubject: It's not a race.... Just a bit of fun....   It's not a race.... Just a bit of fun.... Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 7:22 am

I'm not sure if anyone knows of 'The Game' but be aware should you try to be overtaken by Mountain bikers on nobbly tyres..... Not that it will happen to YOU of course Wink

The Game:
Dropping / Pulling anyone higher in the Food Chain Number makes you stronger and more attractive to burds (*or blokes). Getting dropped / trying to keep up with anyone lower means your soul hires a kudos remover to lower your self worth. If you scalp someone you have to maintain or extend your lead for such a time as to have the dude you passed admit to themself "I was done". Nipping by, then running into a side road / hiding in traffic won't wash, Be honest with yourself. *Not strictly true

1/ No Dangerous Manoeuvres (Donít be a danger to any other road users or yourself) Falling off causes pain to you and others around you, donít do it! (oh and you loose yer points)
2/ Donít ride like a c0ck, weíre all just trying to get somewhere!
3/ No passing at Lights/Junction/Crossings, if you do, it doesnít count
4/ All passing on open road ONLY. Filtering in traffic is null and void (you know whether youíve dropped someone fairly, and havenít turned off straight afterwards)
5/ Pavement passes, either you or the target is void
6/ Show no pain, unless, like me your face is just like that

1. Scooters
2. Roadies with shaved legs - like girls *
3. Proper rapid Single speed (real men, messengers, tarty shiny fixies) *
4. Roadies with hairy legs - like men *
5. Faux Single Speeds (fakengers, dirty/functional bikes, silly egg beater gear) *
6. Touring Bikes (Mud Guards) *
7. "Fast Hybrids" *
8. MTBs on Skinnies *
9. MTBs on Nobbies
10. Bromptons / collapsing bikes
11. MTB full sus on Nobbies
12. Shoppers
13. Shoppers wicker baskets
14. Electric bikes
* Pedal Adjustment +1
ē ONLY FCN 2-5 gain points for overtaking the same FCN and Higher Chainers
ē Recumbents, Tandems and Segways are worth +2 points as a rare bonus
ē Sinclair C5 +20 points as a hens teeth bonus

FCN Adjusters:

Non-Cycling: +2
Baggies: +1
Lycra: 0
Team Kit: -1
TDF Jersey: -2

Panniers: +1
Back Pack/Courier: 0
Nothing: -1

Face Mask +1
Helmets/Nothing/Sunglasses: 0
Bike Caps / Wrap arounds: -1

Herman's Safety Wing" (orange plastic lolly-pop): +2
Beard: +1
Child seat (each): +1
Power meter: -1
Aerobars: -1
Coloured tyres -1

PEDALS (If you can identify) FCN2-8 see note above:
Flats: +1
Toe Clips: 0
Evidently Clipless/spds (cycling shoes): -1

If you get confused on the road, think of it this way if you drop anyone who looks faster that you +1. If you get dropped by anyone that looks slower than you -1..Couldn't be simpler! You'll also get to work, or get home faster...

Results on a postcard....
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It's not a race.... Just a bit of fun....
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