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Welcome to the Forres Cycling Club Forum. The club was founded in 1938 and is affiliated to the Scottish Cycling Union and the North Of Scotland Cycling Association
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 Ian longbotham 25tt

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PostSubject: Ian longbotham 25tt   Ian longbotham 25tt Icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 2:38 am

Name Club Cat Time
Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles S 0:54:36
Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles V 0:54:50 Twisted Evil
Jim Cuisack Glasgow Couriers V 0:55:05
Gavin Shirley Nevis Cycles RT S 0:55:45
Paul Rodden Moray Firth CC S 0:56:51
Kevin Lackie Elgin CC V 0:58:54
Alan McCaffery Ross-Shire Roads CC V 0:58:59
Gregor Grant Square Wheels V 0:59:00
David Harter Forres CC V 0:59:33 Very Happy
Callum Finlayson Forres CC S 0:59:56 Very Happy
Gareth Luce Elgin CC S 1:00:02
Kenny Riddle Moray Firth CC V 1:00:19
Neil Cooper Liverpool Century V 1:00:20
Ben Miller Nevis Cycles RT YM 1:00:34
Wim Chalmet East Sutherland Wheelers S 1:00:40
Mark Higgins Granite City RT V 1:01:04
Kenny Philpot Elgin CC V 1:01:04
Roger Sewell Ross-Shire Roads CC V 1:02:11
Mike Gordon Cromarty Firth CC V 1:02:14
Duncan Gilles Elgin CC V 1:02:19
Hector Nicholson Moray Firth CC V 1:02:47
Anne Murray Square Wheels FV 1:03:56
Neil Dawson Forres CC V 1:04:45 Very Happy
Laura Nicholson Moray Firth CC F 1:04:52
Ross Nixon Highland Firefighters CT S 1:05:27
Mike Bond Highland Firefighters CT S 1:06:21
Malcom Skelly Moray Firth CC V 1:07:05
Elizabeth Barr Forres CC FV 1:07:29 Very Happy
Kevin Thompson Elgin CC V 1:07:30
Finlay Strivens Cairngorm CC JM 1:08:07
Alasdair Washington Caithness CC V 1:08:15
George Grant Forres CC V 1:09:01 Very Happy
Lorna Stanger Caithness CC FV 1:10:25
Miles Stubbs Highland Firefighters CT S 1:10:34
Robert Shaw Cromarty Firth CC V 1:12:18
Keith Eagleson Ross-Shire Roads CC V 1:12:23
Alan Cook Cromarty Firth CC V 1:13:02
Matthew Stevenson Deeside Thistle CC S 1:13:03
Mary Eagleson Ross-Shire Roads CC FV 1:13:12
Hazel Young Moray Firth CC FV 1:14:00
Laura Gunn Forres CC JF 1:14:10 Very Happy
Eric Soane Cromarty Firth CC V 1:14:17
Morag Eagleson Ross-Shire Roads CC F 1:14:32
Murray Grant Forres CC V 1:31:15
Emma Finlayson Forres CC YF 1:32:30 Very Happy
SILAS Goldsworthy led Sandy Wallace Cycles to a one-two in the Iain Longbotham Memorial 25-mile time trial near Invergordon on Sunday, with his team-mate Peter Ettles taking a close second.

Goldsworthy clocked 54-36 to take the win by just 14 seconds from his colleague Ettles, while Glasgow Couriers' Jim Cusick completed the podium in third with 55-05.

Although dry, the event saw most of the 46-strong field facing a headwind as they headed south towards the turn, although on the flip side most riders benefitted from a tailwind on the way back up the A9.

There was also a very good ride from Ben Miller (Nevis Cycles) who set a new North of Scotland age record in the youth category with 1-00-34, while best junior was Finlay Strivens (Cairngorm CC) with 1-08-7.

Fastest of the six women was Anne Murray (Square Wheels) with 1-03-56, while 73-year-old Ali Washington (Caithness CC) was top veteran on standard, with a plus of 16-45 over his age standard from an actual time of 1-08-15.

1 Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 54-36
2 Peter Ettles (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 54-50
3 Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) 55-05
4 Gavin Shirley (Nevis Cycles) 55-35
5 Paul Rodden (Moray Firth CC) 56-51
6 Kevin Lackie (Elgin CC) 58-54
7 Alan McCaffrey (Ross-shire Roads CC) 58-59
8 Gregor Grant (Square Wheels) 59-00
9 David Harper (Forres CC) 59-33
10 Callum Finlayson (Forres CC) 59-56
Women: Anne Murray (Square Wheels) 1-03-56.
Veterans on standard: Ali Washington (Caithness CC) (1-08-15) +16-45.
Youth: Ben Miller (Nevis Cycles) 1-00-34.
Juniors: Finlay Strivens (Cairngorm CC) 1-08-07.

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PostSubject: Re: Ian longbotham 25tt   Ian longbotham 25tt Icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 7:34 am

Great time yesterday Callum!!!
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Ian longbotham 25tt
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